21 Aug 2014

design idea _ scales

project botanica by studio formafantasma.
formafantasma previously here.

dress detail at george chakra haute couture spring 2014.

16 Aug 2014

things _ four

1 _ art by michael cusack
2 _ karen elson in the face magazine, january 1998
3 _ photo by markus pritzi
4 _ unknown, via h-akanai.

31 Jul 2014

i love these screen wallpapers by corina nika

beautiful and inspiring.

i'm using one of them, too.
can you guess which one? :)
i think i should change it to the
"create" one tho. :P

by the very talented corina nika.

gotta check out
her very stylish blog, too.

29 Jul 2014

design idea _ skin and black and rectangular cut-outs

1 _ styling by georgina santiago, via avorymag
2 _ speckled by alex evans for chloe magazine
3 _ sandals, yubshop.

28 Jul 2014

two beautiful watercolors from georgia o'keeffe

so fresh.
even more appealing than her oil paintings.

both images found through pinterest.

also, i suppose you wanna
check out my pinterest boards. :)

10 Jul 2014

words _ progress

some wise words

9 Jul 2014

things _ four

2 _ cos
4 _ arvida bystrom and petra collins for the vice photo issue 2013

all images via o-c-u-l-t-o.

8 Jul 2014

some real magazine art by gemis luciani

what at the first glance might look like
colorful collages, are actually,
as the last photo reveals, systematically
folded fashion and design magazines,

images found